Nicholl Constructions has been handling all manner of building work for many years, from the initial groundwork through to the finishing touches. Whether you are building a new home from scratch or renovating an existing building, we have the services to handle it all.
Kitchen Renovation — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Renovations & Extensions

There are a number of reasons our clients choose to renovate. Some families want to update their house to make better use of the space for growing children, while some are making their homes more guest-friendly. Many clients also wish to make their home look and feel more modern, or to update prior to putting their home on the market.

A number of clients choose our services to extend their homes, so they can add a little extra space for a growing family or home business. Nicholl Constructions has a range of builders who can consult with you whatever your reason for renovating or extending. We will custom design a renovation or extension solution just for you, so it fits your home perfectly.
Bathtub — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Bathrooms & Laundries

From small adjustments to complete makeovers or conversions of bathrooms and laundries, Nicholl Constructions has done it all.

We can give you complete guidance on all types of work for your bathroom or laundry, whether it is new work or a redesign of an existing area. New vanities, bathtubs or even shower screens can be easily fitted to your room. Nicholl Constructions has experience with converting an existing bathroom layout to one suitable for disabled access. We design the bathroom around the person who will be using it, so this could involve constructing a wet room, rather than a standard shower. We can also fit grip and handrails to necessary areas, as well as lower toilets.
Groundwork — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Excavation & Groundwork

We guarantee our excavation and ground-working services, so you can be sure you are getting value for money.
Nicholl Constructions has been carrying out earthmoving and excavation work for many years, so we have built a reputation for innovation and quality work. We carry out a range of groundwork services, including grading, bulldozing, earthmoving, foundation excavation and construction site clean-up.

We have a number of earthmoving machines, as well as tippers, and our staff are fully trained and licensed to operate the machinery. Our team are able to undertake both commercial and residential work, and are happy to travel to remote areas of the Northern Territory to complete it.
Asbestos Removal — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Asbestos Testing & Removal

Asbestos exists in over 3000 products and materials, many of which can be found in your home. Identifying the presence of, and the type of asbestos, is done in two ways:
  • Viewing fibres under polarised light through a microscope
  • Air testing to determine the levels of fibres in the air.
To ensure the safe removal of materials containing asbestos, Nicholl Construction uses only regulated methods. We carefully monitor the air for released fibres, a step necessary to protect our staff, your family and your neighbours. All waste with traces of asbestos must be double-wrapped and sealed with appropriate labelling. It is then disposed of in an approved area. Our team are fully trained to carry out these steps for you.
Cabinetry — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Custom Cabinetry

The team at Nicholl Constructions can design, build and install custom-made cabinets for your home. Our team can design and construct a cabinet for any area of your home or business, from kitchens to bathrooms and outdoor areas. Simply call us for a quote and we will come to you and take all the necessary measurements. From there we can discuss with you what style, type and size cabinets you require, before we create a design for you.

Our cabinets are made from a range of materials, including timber, laminate, polyurethane and vinyl wrap. For commercial fit-outs, be sure to contact us for a tailor-made design with your budget and style in mind.
Wall — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Building Tradework

With our highly experienced team and trusted group of complementary trade contractors, we can offer a full range of services to our clients. We can manage the whole job from start to finish, including electrical and plumbing work.

Our professional team of employees and contractors have considerable experience in all areas of construction-related trades, including tiling, paving, painting, brickwork and restoration works. The team can assist you with all forms of renovation services, and will ensure the correct permits are applied for and completed when required.
Roof — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Roofing Services

One area of your home that requires specialised skills is the construction or extension of your roof. Nicholl Constructions has dedicated roof carpenters that can carry out professional work on your home at an affordable price. We specialise in new roofing and repairs for your home. Our team can assist you with fixing leaks, guard repairs and gutter replacements. We will also test and maintain harness points on roof structures.

As well as being experienced with the installation of new roofing materials, Nicholl Constructions is a registered supplier for Alice Solar City. If you are considering having solar panels installed on your roof and require additional structural support for these items, speak to us. You may also wish to have insulation fitted or have your existing roof painted white, so as to make the roof more energy efficient in our harsh environment.
Contractor — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT


Nicholl Constructions is a registered, licensed Builder and has the extensive experience and knowledge required to carry out pre-purchase and pre-sale building inspections. The inspections are a visual check of both the exterior and interior of the building. The inspection also encompasses the rest of the site, such as garages, driveways, fences and pathways.

An inspection will look at walls, doors, guttering, windows and the condition of the house to identify any potential problems that could add to costs that the new owner may have to pay. The inspector details any significant issues in a report, which is then passed on to the potential buyer. Items that may be included on the report are safety hazards, major defects or substantial repairs such as deteriorated exterior paint. We are also highly experienced in the assessment of insurance claims and have an inspector readily available to provide immediate assistance and quotations for repair work needed.
Workers — Nicholl Constructions in Alice Springs, NT

Commercial New Works & Upgrades

Nicholl Constructions has a great deal of experience working on commercial sites. Our work history covers a wide-ranging spectrum of different types of projects from renovating hotel/motels internally and externally; commercial shop and kitchen fit-outs to altering or extending office buildings and other types of commercial premises. Our work involves all forms of building and construction from new works to repairs and maintenance for a variety of different organisations both locally and remotely.
When choosing Nicholl Constructions to work on your project, we will accommodate the needs of your business and work as best as we can to meet any deadlines you may have. We are also mindful that your business may need to continue operating throughout a works project and as such we will do our best to adjust our services to enable you to meet the needs of your clients. We are accredited under the Contractor Accreditation program (CAL).
We have held this accreditation for a number of years. This allows us to carry out works for Government organisations. It also assures you that we meet the financial and capability requirements needed to gain this annually renewed accreditation. We pride ourselves on constantly improving and perfecting our work culture and business services for our clients. We're always looking to preserve the safety of our staff and those that visit our worksites through effective Occupational Health and Safety Management.